Gastro offer

Organizing Lunch for different occasions
Rich Gastro offer

Restaurant, tavern, garden restaurant, snack bar

The hotel’s restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine. We pay great attention to the selection of indigenous fresh foods, of which we are part of the producers. The aromas and flavors of freshly made seasonal jams, pickled vegetables, ajvar, liqueur, our olive oil and wine of superior taste, is something that will meet all your expectations!

The very famous garden restoration is reconstructed along the bank of the river Buna, with a capacity of more than 500 seats. The garden is adorned with the famous Buna irrigation drawer, a motive of many art works. With an excellent gastronomic offer, it is ideal for organizing various events, entertainment programs, wedding ceremonies, presentations, exhibitions…

Meal offer

  • Along with premium local, preferably eco, ingredients the most important factor for the success of our restaurant is the team.
    Our team is distinguished by its precise, but not pretentious cooking, where the main stars are the supreme local ingredients.

Restaurant with bar

  • Weddings and wedding dinners, indoors or outdoors for up to 250 or more guests, an unforgettable experience that speaks for you!

Book your place in the restaurant

Let Hotel Buna be your host

Weddings and wedding meals indoors or outdoors for up to 250 or more guests, an unforgettable experience that speaks for you! In addition to full-board and tourist menus, we also offer the organization of various events, wedding lunches, lunches for seminar participants, family celebrations.

Wine & History Tavern

  • The traditional tavern Wine & History, with a capacity of 100 people, offers traditionally prepared dishes from indigenous fresh ingredients. Top quality wine, olive oil, fresh garden vegetables, liqueurs, fruit juices, jams are just a part of our own production.

Caffe & snack bar

  • Refresh yourself in our Caffe bar, if you are just passing by or attending an unforgettable wedding in nature. Weddings and wedding meals, indoors or outdoors, for about 300 or more guests, is an unforgettable experience that speaks for you.